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The Xplorer Hub - Online Tech Club for Kids

The Xplorer Hub for Kids

Video Learning and LiVE & Interactive Challenges: The Perfect Combination!

Do you want your child to have those all important tech skills but not sure where to start? Fed up with them passively watching You Tube or playing endless games on the Xbox and want them to gain a real understanding of coding and technology and all its possibilities while having fun?

How would you feel if you had a ONE STOP portal where your child has the opportunity to learn new skills: expand their horizons and learn the latest tech to prepare them for an increasingly tech driven future whenever and wherever suits you?

Our Xplorer for Kids will do just that allowing you to take advantage of learning opportunities they may never have had and means you can now join us from wherever you may be!

self guided lessons : live & interactive challenges : online support : dedicated eLearning platform

Video learning sessions on a range of topics from coding to web design, online support and weekly, live challenges to ensure your child is inspired, hands-on and has a head start in an increasingly tech driven world. Over 20 hours of video content already available and more being added each week!

"These classes have been outstanding. My children have learned a lot of new skills and have loved doing the courses whenever they want"

What is included?

Here's EXACTLY what you are going to get

  • Self-guided courses including programming and coding, 3D and 2D animation, music technology, web design and digital literacy. We design our own hands on computing courses from beginner through to advanced to meet the needs of your child. Over 20 hours of video content that you can pause, rewind, fast-forward and rewatch as often as you like.
  • Handy step by step guides to support these sessions as well as bonus activities and ideas
  • Online quizzes and checkpoint to ensure understanding
  • Online Support - Every week join us live and interactive for live demos and Q&As on that week's course
  • Fortnightly LiVE and interactive challenges - live challenges relating to the current course. Anything from animating your favourite Marvel character to designing your dream skatepark!

Key Information

  • Only requirements are a PC with a good internet connection
  • No previous experience as we will develop their skills through the ages
  • Age 7+
  • Every week brand, new content will be uploaded and we can send you out weekly reminders so you never miss any new content. There is already over 20 hours of content

Sign up TODAY to ensure that your children are learning the latest skills to take the tech world by storm

With over 10 years experience we really are experts in our field. Start learning the tech skills of! To access all this content and support book TODAY.

What is the 7 day FREE trial?

This month only we are offering a 7 day FREE trial of our Xplorer Hub.

This trial will give you access to the eLearning Platform where you will be able to access over 20 hours of video learning delivered by our fab team of expert tech leaders. New content being added every week.

  • Self-Guided Lessons:Coding to Web Design.
  • Each Lesson can be revisited or re-run as many times as your child needs it
  • Fortnightly Live & Interactive Challenges
  • Bonus Activities, Ideas & Quizzes
  • Online Support

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The Xplorer Hub - Online Tech Club for KidsThe Xplorer Hub - Online Tech Club for KidsThe Xplorer Hub - Online Tech Club for Kids

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